Monday, January 2, 2012

Stuck on you... stuck like glue...

So... I'm starting the year off right.  I still can't find the cord to hook my camera up to the computer.  I've made 6 scrapbook pages (I promise!!!) and will post pictures as soon as I can.  I think that cord got up and walked away.  I know I always put it back where it belongs, so it couldn't have been my fault!  LOL
Since I can't post any pictures of things I've made, I figured I'd talk about adhesives.  I don't know about you, but when I first started stamping, I thought one glue fit all.  Needless to say, some of my first projects didn't last very long.  To save you all that fate, here's a list of the ones I use most often, and what they're best for...

Snail...  great for cards and scrapbook pages.  It keeps glue from getting on your fingers (and then everywhere else)  I find it best to use snail, then flip the project over, and rub over it to really get it stuck. 

Sticky Strip... great for 3D projects!  This stuff really holds well.  Cut the length you need, stick it to your project, and then pull off the red tape.  Now you can adhere without fear!  LOL

Glue Dots... I just started using these and I'm hooked!  I use them for ribbon, buttons, flowers, etc.  I also use them for smaller pieces of paper that I can't run Snail on.  No mess, lots of sticking power, just great, great stuff.

Crystal Effects... I love this stuff too!  I use it with buttons and other 3D embellishments.  I also just use it on it's own cause it's that awesome. 

Tombow Multipurpose... you can use this adhesive as either temporary or permanent.  Let it dry if you want it to be temporary, or adhere when it's wet for a permanent stick.  The applicator has 2 sizes-small for precise application, and wider for a larger surface area.  I really like using this for precise glitter placement and small pieces of ribbon.

Stampin' Dimensionals... make it 3D!  I used to be anti Dimensional, but I'm now going through them like there's no tomorrow! 

Two Way Glue Pen... also can be used as either permanent or temporary.  Use blue for a permanent stick, or let it dry and turn white for temporary use.  Great for holding stencils or masks in place.

Heat and Stick Powder...  Glitter, Glitter, Glitter.  Use like embossing powder.  Stamp an image with Versamark or Craft ink, pour on the powder and heat til it's shiny.  Then pour on the glitter and heat set.  Voila! 

There are other adhesives, but these are the ones I have and use the most.  I hope this has been helpful and keeps you from making and giving a beautiful gift, only to have it fall apart. (how embarrassing!)  If you'd like to order any of these, visit my online store 24/7 at
Thanks for stopping by!!!! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Stampers!  I hope you've all had a wonderful beginning to your New Year.  Mine has been less than stellar but I'm hoping it looks up soon.Did you make any resolutions?  I always make a ton and never keep them, but I'm optimistic every year!  This will be the year I keep them all!  LOL  I don't know about you but I make resolutions for different parts of my life.  Home, work, self.
Here's just a sampling...
Home- Work on one room at a time to improve our house.  I'd like to move in a couple of years and we have a lot of work to do on our house (right now we wouldn't get anywhere near what we paid for it sadly).  I'd also like to enjoy the house more before we sell it. 
Work- Now remember-I have 2 jobs.  So first, get my Masters and get a better paying full time job.  It's a lot easier to fix your house when you have money!  And... I can buy more stamps!!!!!!!!  Second, do more with my stamping.  Keep up with my blog, my customers, my classes, etc. 
Self- The same every year... lose weight, get out of debt...  And this year I've added a new one-scrapbooking!  I'd like to scrapbook a page a day for the whole year.  I've got a seriouse backlog of scrapbooking that I'd love to catch up on. 
There are more but I won't bore you with them all.  You'll see some of them as the year progresses.  And, on that note, I'd love to share some scrapbook pages with you-but my camera cord is missing.  I'll hopefully find it tonight and post 3 pages tomorrow.  Scrapbooking Resolution kept?  Check!